مؤسسة ساره سالم مهدي اليامي للمقاولات
مؤسسة ساره سالم مهدي اليامي للمقاولات

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We supply Electro-mechanical machining equipment, Spare parts, Tools & Hardware, PPE and other industrial consumable items from local and international markets at affordable prices without compromising quality standards and make sure that delivery should be available to our customers on or before the agreed time span and by availing our services you can avoid work delays and minimize the breakdown time.

Electro-Mechanical Machines Equipment & Spare Parts

combine electrical and mechanical components to perform various functions and tasks and to maintain and repair such machines. These parts can vary widely depending on the specific machine or equipment type, but here are some common (but not limited to these only) categories of electro-mechanical machine spare parts for which we provide the trading services includes:

  • Motors and Motor Components: Motor brushes, Motor bearings, Motor capacitors, Motor starters and contactors, Switches and Controls.
  • Control panels and components: Limit switches, Push buttons and selector switches, Control relays and timers.
  • Sensors and Transducers: Proximity sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Pressure transducers, Temperature sensors.
  • Wiring and Cabling: Electrical cable, Connectors and terminals, Cable glands and conduits.
  • Circuit breakers: Fuses and fuse holders, Transformers, Diodes and rectifiers.
  • Bearings and Shafts: Ball bearings, Roller bearings, Shafts and couplings, Bushings and sleeves, Gears and.
  • Gearboxes: Gear sets, Gearboxes and reducers, Gearbox seals and gaskets.
  • Belts and Pulleys: Timing belts, V-belts, Pulleys and sprockets, Belt tensioners.
  • Brakes and Clutches: Electromagnetic brakes, Clutch plates and linings, Brake coils and solenoids.
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Components: Pneumatic cylinders and valves, Hydraulic pumps and valves, Pneumatic hoses and fittings.
  • Heating Elements and Thermocouples: Heating coils and elements, Thermocouples and temperature controllers, Insulation materials.
  • Electronic Control Boards and PCBs: Printed circuit boards (PCBs), Control boards and modules, Display screens and touch panels.
  • Safety Devices and Interlocks: Emergency stop buttons, Safety relays, Safety switches and interlock devices.
  • Seals, O-rings, and Gaskets: Seals and gaskets for preventing leaks, O-rings for sealing joints and connections.
  • Springs and Shock Absorbers: Compression springs, Torsion springs, Shock absorbers.
  • Bearings and Linear Guides: Linear bearings and guides, Pillow block bearings, Thrust bearings.
  • Tooling and Fixtures: Cutting tools and tool holders, Fixtures and clamps, Jigs and alignment tools.

Tools and Hardware Items

Encompass a vast array of equipment, instruments, and supplies used in construction, maintenance, repair, and various industrial applications. These items are essential for tasks such as building structures, repairing machinery, plumbing, electrical work, woodworking, and general maintenance. Here are some common (but not limited to these only) categories of tools and hardware items which we deliver to our customers:

  • Hand Tools: Screwdrivers, Pliers, Wrenches, Hammers, Utility knives, Tape measures, Chisels, Files.
  • Power Tools: Drills, Circular saws, Angle grinders, Jigsaws, Sanders, Impact drivers, Welding machines, Electric screwdrivers.
  • Cutting Tools: Saw blades, Cutting wheels, Utility knife blades, Hacksaw blades, Rotary cutter blades, Pipe cutters.
  • Fasteners and Hardware: Nails, Screws, Bolts and nuts, Anchors, Rivets, Washers, Hooks and hangers.
  • Measuring and Layout Tools: Levels, Squares, Calipers, Laser distance meters, Spirit levels, Protractors, T-squares.
  • Electrical Tools and Equipment: Multi meters, Wire strippers, Circuit testers, Electrical tape, Cable and wire connectors, Cable ties, Electrical boxes.
  • Plumbing Tools: Pipe wrenches, Pipe cutters, Plungers, Pipe and tube benders, Pipe threaders, Plumbing snakes.
  • Painting and Finishing Supplies: Paintbrushes and rollers, Paint sprayers, Sandpaper, Putty knives, Painter's tape, Paint trays and buckets.
  • Lubrication and Fluid Handling: Grease guns, Oil cans, Funnel sets, Oil pumps and dispensers.
  • Welding and Metalworking Tools: Welding machines and accessories, Metal cutting tools, Anvils and vices, Metalworking files and rasps.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Items are essential safety gear and clothing designed to protect individuals from workplace hazards, environmental risks, and health threats. PPE is used across various industries to reduce the risk of injury or illness. Here are some common (but not limited to these only) categories of tools and hardware items which we deliver to our customers it includes. Safety Helmets, Bump Caps, Safety Glasses, Face Shields, Goggles, Welding Helmets, Earplugs, Disposable Masks, Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs, Gloves, Coveralls, Lab Coats, Safety Shoes, Flame-Resistant Clothing, Chemical Suits, High-Visibility Clothing, Rainwear


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